Update Made to the Daily Report: Daily report only goes back three calendar months, to eliminate the slowdowns cause by pulling unneeded/out-of-date data

In the Daily Report, users have the ability to review their Care Managers' CCM, BHI, or RPM claims, minutes logged, and user activity in ThoroughCare on a daily or monthly basis.

How to Create a Daily Report:

On the ThoroughCare Dashboard, navigate to the "hamburger" menu and select "Daily Report" option.

Note: Only Customer Admins can see data from all Care Managers. Care Managers will only see their individual stats.

Once on the "Daily Report" page, begin by selecting which program/product the report should focus on (e.i. CCM or BHI). Use the drop-down box underneath "Product" to specify.

Next the "Type" drop-down box to select the category of report that needs to be run.

Users can choose whichever category they wish to run the report on. Here are the choices:

  • Claims By Billable Date

  • Claims By Created Date

  • Enrollments

  • Activity (hh:mm)

  • Minutes Logged by

  • Minutes Performed by

  • Successful Calls

Once the daily report's "Product" or "Type" is chosen the Daily Report will automatically update to show the corresponding data per the user's chosen specifications.

Note: If you wish to see data from all practices, check the "All Practices" box to the left of the "Type" field. If left unchecked you will only be able to view data from the practice you are currently on.

What To Know:

Note: The following sections contain screenshots from the point of view of an admin.

Claims Report:

If a Care Manager is viewing the daily report they will only see their own data and not
When viewing a Daily Claim Report remember you will see Care Manager's name next to the number of patients assigned to them in ThoroughCare. A Customer Admin can view the total count of claims created by each user or daily counts of claims by looking to the far right and bottom rows of the table.

Note: You may view claims by created or billable date. 

To view a list of claims by Care Manager on a particular day of the month, click the blue highlighted number inside the desired day of the month as shown in the screenshot below.

Note: Most numbers within the Daily report table should be clickable (with the exception of "0"s, and totals) unless you are viewing an Activity report. Numbers within the Activity report are not clickable.

A pop-up labeled "Patient List" will appear for the selected Care Manager. Notice the different details that are listed in the provided table.

Note: These details listed within the pop-up will vary based on what type of report you are viewing, an example is shown below.

Minutes Report:

On either the Minutes logged or Minutes performed by Reports, admins will see Care Manager name next to the number of patients assigned to them in ThoroughCare. 

Admins can also see the total number of minutes users logged in a given day under by looking at the bottom of the individual day columns. Totals can be found by referencing the bottom and far right side of the table.

Click on any blue highlighted number under the date column to see details on a Care Manager's daily minutes logged.

Activity Report:
On the Show Activity Daily Report, you'll see your Care Manager name next to the number of patients assigned to them in ThoroughCare. 

You can also see the amount of time they spent in a day within your ThoroughCare website under the date column and the amount of time they spent in a month within your ThoroughCare website in the Total Column.

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