When you begin with ThoroughCare, we'll run an initial patient import from Athena. We'll look for CCM candidates that have Medicare Part B, 2 or more chronic conditions, and have been seen in office within the past year. For AWV, we'll import Medicare Part B patients that have been seen in the past 3 years. 

We are beginning to see some medicare replacement plans and other primary insurances covering these programs as well. With ThoroughCare, you can easily add these insurances and request an additional import to add these patients with non-medicare insurances to your site.

Here's how to add those additional insurances:


1. From the ThoroughCare Dashboard, navigate to the Hamburger Menu and click on Insurance Coverages

2. On Insurance Coverages, you should see the Medicare Part B insurances of your patients, package ID number, and the number of patients that we uploaded during your initial import that have these Medicare Plans listed in your Athena site.

3. To add a new insurance, click Add New and you'll see a new Primary Insurance box appear on your screen

4. Click the empty text box next to Primary Insurance to type the insurance name or Package ID, then click on the item from the dropdown list

You can also click the Add Manually button to Create a New Insurance, but we highly suggest using the above method to add insurances

5. Once the insurance is selected, you can add the product you want to add the coverage to (ex. CCM, AWV), the covered percentage of the program for the insurance, and/or the Covered Amount and Patient Responsibility. Once this is entered click Save to add the insurance

6. If you would like us to import the patients that meet the CCM or AWV criteria with the newly added insurances, click on the Request Patient Import and we'll be notified. We will then run an import after hours and add these patients to your ThoroughCare site under the correct programs

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