In ThoroughCare, Customer Admins are able to add/edit insurances. Once the insurance is added, you are able to change the Coverage amount, percentage covered, Patient Responsibility, and edit secondary insurances. 

This can help your group determine the best candidates for these programs!


  1. From the ThoroughCare Dashboard, navigate to the Hamburger Menu and click on Insurance Coverage OR from a patient landing page click Edit Coverage next to the patient's insurance. This will take you to the Insurance Coverage page

2. On Insurance Coverage, you should see the  insurances of your patients, package ID number, and the number of patients that have these Medicare Plans.

3. You can change the Coverage percentage by clicking on the radio button next to Covers 100%, Covers 80%, or Does not cover - Avoid

4. You can enter the Covered Amount and Patient responsibility next to the corresponding header

5. To change the secondary insurances associated with the primary insurances, click Edit Secondary Insurances next to the name of the Primary. 

This will open up a pop up box with the Secondary Insurances and the ability to add if the secondary Covers, Does Not Cover, or Unknown.

6. Once these updates are made, they will reflect on the Worklists and Patient Landing Page.

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