Previously in ThoroughCare, CCM and BHI conditions were chosen during the patient assessment. Sadly, our assessment did not allow for ICD-10 codes to be added to these conditions. Typically, when the initial assessment was finished Care managers had to navigate back to the patient's CCM or BHI care page and specify ICD-10 codes that pertained to the patient's conditions. This new update prompts Care Managers to determine a patient's conditions along with ICD-10 codes before the assessment begins. 

Walk-through Of Update 

  1. Navigate to the Patient's Care page of a newly enrolled patient. From here click the "New" button located below the "Initial Care Plan" section.

Note: For the full article on how to complete a patients initial care plan click here.

2. A pop-up to specify patient conditions will appear at the top of the screen. 

3. From here click the "+ Add new Conditions" button. 

4. A drop down bar will appear and you, as a care manager, have the ability to select a patient's conditions from a list of the most common conditions for patients enrolled in BHI and CCM.

5. Once a condition is chosen you now have the ability to specify ICD-10 codes for each condition.

Note: You also have the ability to add more conditions that you wish to manage under CCM or BHI by clicking "+ Add new Conditions". 

6. Once you have at least two conditions added you have the ability to start the patient's care plan assessment. Click "Update Codes" to continue.

7. The Assessment will automatically begin once "Update Codes" is selected.

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