Previously, care managers would have to manually enter a patient's allergies, medications, and numbers to track into open ended text fields throughout the Care Plan Assessment. This new update streamlines this process and allows for better organization of patient data. The new format of these questions are shown and explained below.

Sections of Assessment that have been Updated:

  • Allergies (Covered in Walk through 1)

  • Numbers to Track (Covered in Walk through 2)

Walk Through 1:

When taking the Care Plan Assessment you will approach the question "Do you have any allergies?"
If you specify a patient "Has allergies" you will be taken to our first new question style.

To add a new allergy click the "New Allergy" button in the top right hand corner of the question.

A pop-up labeled "New Allergy" will appear on screen.

From here you can:

  1. Choose the category of allergy

  2. Check if the allergy is critical or leave it blank if not

  3. Specify the substance involved in the allergy

  4. Explain the patient's reaction to the substance

  5. Choose the date the allergy was identified

  6. Mark if the allergy is currently active (This is always checked unless unchecked by the care manager)

Note: 1 and 3 are the only required fields, everything else is optional.

Whenever you are finished click "save" to create the allergy entry.

Each entry will be visible in a table-like format under the question's title. If a mistake was made simply select "edit" or "remove" to the right of the date identified for that particular entry.
Note: Care managers may add as many entries as they need!

Walk Through 2: 

When taking the Care Plan Assessment with a patient you will come across the Numbers to Track section. In the first question you will have to select vitals the patient is interested in tracking. 

Upon selecting one of these options you will be asked to specify measurements. Simply enter the patient's last or current reading and you are good to go! 

This specification appears in question 1 and 2 in the Numbers to Track section.

Once, you are finished with each question click next question and your answers will be saved.

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