Users have the ability to create care plan reports that encompass all patients on an entire site. To create this report navigate to your hamburger menu and select "Other Reports" under the "Reports" menu option.

Note: We suggest only generating one of these every 24 hours.

Once on the Reports page, select the " + New Care Plan Report " button.

Once clicked, the user will be taken to a pop-up labeled "Care Plan Report".

If a user would like to include any action items added to the patient care plan click the checkbox next to "Include Action Items".

Note: Notice that once the "Include Action Items" option is selected another option to "Include provide-only (non-patient-facing) notes" will appear, click to check this option and it will be included in the report.

If a user wishes to include Consent, Updates, or Time logs click to select the corresponding checkbox.

If the report should contain all device notes or readings make sure to select the correct checkbox to include the corresponding data.

If needed select the corresponding data range that data should be included from.

Note: The most recent month will be populated even if the month is only part way over.

Once finished click "Generate" to generate the report.

Note: This will most likely take a while so maybe create the report and come back later to see if it has been generated.

As a user waits for a report to generate they are able to check the report's status by refreshing the page and checking under the "status" column for the particular report that is being created.

Note: If the report is created near the end of the month know that the volume on ThoroughCare is pretty high at this point in time, so users may have to wait longer for reports to generate.

For more information on the mass care plan report, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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