Upon starting an Initial Care Plan or HRA you will notice some BIG changes to how you enter a patient's medications. We want to give our users options that allow them to manage their patients as efficiently as possible. We have listened to the most common ways our customers wish to document medications and have made the proper changes to our assessment. This article will walk you through the changes and highlight the new features that will streamline documentation of patient medications. 

Medication Section:

When you reach the "Medications" section of the assessment you will be able to choose whichever documentation styles suites your needs.

Note: This is not reserved for prescription medication. We recognize that the use of over-the-counter medicines and dietary/herbal supplements should also be documented as well as prescription medication.

This is the first option we offer to our Care Managers. Select this option and click "Next Question" to continue.

You will be navigated to a brand new question, where you are able to specify patient medication in a table-like format. To add a new medication entry select "New Medication".

You will then be presented with a "New Medication" pop-up. From here you have the ability to:

  1. Medication Name - by typing two letters you will begin to search through a database of medications. If the one you are looking for does not show up you may add a customized medication to this field (the only required field).

  2. Prescribed By - As long as the doctor is in our system, you are able to search for them in this field. If not, you can add a different doctor by typing Last Name, First Name and then hitting enter.

  3. Dosage - text field to enter dosage amount

  4. Reason Taken - text field to enter the reason why the medication is being taken

  5. Started - the date the medication was started

  6. Stopped - the date the medication was stopped (if stopped)

  7. Reason Not Taken - text field to explain why the medication was stopped

  8. Save and Cancel buttons - the medication will not be saved unless the "Save" button is clicked

Whenever you have finished entering the information specific to that medication click "Save".
Note: If you click out of the pop-up without clicking the "Save" button the information you have entered for the medication will not be lost. 

Upon saving a medication it will appear in the table as shown below. You may add more medications to a patient by clicking "New Medication".

If you would need to edit or remove a medication simple click the "Edit" or "Remove" buttons under the "Actions" column. 

Enter As Free Text:

If you typically copy and paste a medication list from your EHR you would want to choose this option.  Select the second bubble and click "Next Question".

On the next screen you will then be presented with a text box style answer. Here you can add all medications by copy and pasting directly from your EHR.

List Reviewed in EHR:

If you typically reference your EHR when looking for patient medication we now offer you this option. Select the third buble and click "Next Question".

You will immediately skip the question where you enter a patients medication and continue on with your assessment. 

Patient Does Not Take any Medications:

Last but not least the option that will only be used if a patient takes no medications. Select the fourth bubble and click "Next Question".

This option will immediately skip the rest of the medication section so you can continue on with your assessment.

For more information on other changes made to the assessment reference our other update article here. 

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