If you have already began a patient's TCM you will want to navigate to the Patient's View Page by entering the patient's first name, last name, or EHR ID in the search bar on your dashboard. To see how to begin a patient's TCM click here.

Once the search results populate, select the patient's EHR ID, name, or "View" button located under the "Actions" column to open the patient view page. 

Once on the patient view page select the "TCM" option located under the "Programs" tab and then click the "View" button positioned under the "Actions" column, as shown in the below screenshot.

Reviewing Discharge Information:

Once the patient's TCM page loads the "Review Discharge Info" section should appear at the bottom of the screen. 

Scroll down the page to view the full "Review Discharge Info" section.

Note: The "Discharges from" field should already be populated from when the TCM discharge was created. If it needs updated simply click the dropdown arrow underneath "Discharged from" to change the selected facility. A facility must be created before it may be used.

Now, select the type of facility that the patient was discharged from. Click the empty bubble next to the target facility type to select it.

Once the facility type is chosen, add the name of the discharging physician in the provided text box located underneath "Name of Discharging Physician".

Next explain the "Reason the patient was admitted" in the supplied text box.

If a diagnosis code needs added to the patient's TCM discharge, click within the "Diagnosis at Discharge" box, and begin typing to locate the proper ICD10. once the diagnosis code appears click to add it to the discharge.

Note: For a patient to be billable for TCM they must have a provided ICD10, so make sure to document any codes that were addressed during the patient's visit.

If one would need to delete an ICD10 that was added to the discharge, simply click the small "x" to the right of the green-highlighted code.

Notice the "Discharge Summary and Instructions" section. This part of the discharge is used to upload any documents regarding the patient's discharge summary along with any care instructions that were given to the patient.

To add a file, click the "Choose file" button located underneath the "Discharge Summary and Instructions" section.

Note: By clicking this button, the user's file explorer should automatically open to allow the user to select the file that should be uploaded from the user's computer.

As long as the patient's discharge summary and instructions were reviewed click to select the two checkboxes underneath the chosen file.

If any additional notes need to be added to this page, click within the "Notes" text box to begin typing.

Once the discharge documentation is completed on the "Review discharge Info" page, select the "Mark as reviewed and complete the section" button.

Note: This button will mark this section of the patient's TCM as "Completed"; however, a user can always go back and make changes to the provided information if needed.

After the section is saved it will be immediately updated in the "Requirements" section highlighted in the screenshot below. The user should see a green "Completed" status to the right of the section name.

Note: Upon marking the "Review Discharge Info" section as completed, ThoroughCare should automatically open the next section labeled "Initial Communication".

If you wish to begin the walk-through of the next section (Initial Communication) click here.

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