If you have already began a patient's TCM you will want to navigate to the Patient's View Page by entering the patient's first name, last name, or EHR ID in the search bar on your dashboard. To see how to begin a patient's TCM click here.

Once the search results appear select the patient's name, EHR ID, or the "View" button under the Actions column to open the patient view page. 

Once on the patient view page select the "TCM" tab and click "View" under the actions column to bring up the patient's TCM Page. 

Reviewing Discharge Information:

The "Review Discharge Info" section will appear at the bottom of the screen. 

From here you will need to enter the hospital type, the discharging physician (this can be the same as the physician providing the TCM), the reason for admission, the diagnosis at discharge, any discharge documents, and any notes you wish to document regarding the discharge. 

Whenever you are finished with the documentation mark the section as reviewed and click "Save".

After the section is saved it will be immediately updated in the Requirements Progression area in the upper right hand corner of the patient's TCM page. It will also automatically open the next section for you.

If you wish to begin the walk-through of the next section (Initial Communication) click here.

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