This article will walk you through navigating ThoroughCare's Transitional Care Management Page. To begin we will be covering the patient information bar at the top of the TCM Patient Page. 

Patient Information:

  1. Patient Name: By clicking the patient name you will be redirected back to the patient view page.

  2. TCM Status Button: This will only appear if the TCM you are viewing is in progress. If deadlines are missed or TCM is completed this will not be visible.

  3. Other Information: The patients date of birth, age, gender, and EHR ID (if provided) will appear to the right of the TCM button. 

Discharge Overview and Progress Breakdown:

  1. Discharge Overview: This section will contain the Discharge information you entered upon starting a patient's TCM. This includes the patient's discharge date, the location the patient was discharged from, the reason for the admission, and the complexity of decision making the patient requires. 

  2. Communication Progress: This section keeps track of the communication progress with the patient. TCM must include contact with the patient either face-to-face or over email, phone, video call, text message, etc; along with a face-to-face visit within the allotted time.

  3. Requirements Checklist: This section will track your progression through the patient's TCM while making sure you fulfill all the requirements in order for a TCM instance to be billable.

Requirements Breakdown:

This section changes depending on your progression through a patient's TCM requirements. The other sections will not be available until the prior sections have been completed. You may revisit the sections after you have completed them by clicking the desired section in the Requirements box mentioned above.

If you are interested in a walk-through of the first TCM requirement (Review of Discharge Information) click here. 

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