If you have already began a patient's TCM you will want to navigate to the Patient's View Page by entering the patient's first name, last name, or EHR ID in the search bar on your dashboard. To see how to begin a patient's TCM click here.

Once the search results appear select the patient's name, EHR ID, or the "View" button under the Actions column to open the patient view page. 

Once on the patient view page select the "TCM" tab and click "View" under the actions column to bring up the patient's TCM Page. 

Non Face-to-Face: 

Once on the patient's TCM Page select the "To Do" next to the Non Face-to-Face Requirement. The Non Face-to-Face section will appear at the bottom of your screen.

Under the Non Face-to-Face requirement you will be able to document:

  • Your findings / observations on the discharge summary

  • Diagnostic tests reviewed / disposition

  • Medications on discharge

  • Medication changes / adjustments 

  • Discussions with other healthcare providers 

  • Establishment or re-establishment of referral orders for community resources

  • Home health / community service discussions / referrals

  • Assessment and support of treatment regimen adherence

  • Education for self-management, independent living, and activities of daily living

  • Appointment Coordination

  • Other notes

Note: Each bullet point has their own text box to allow you to individually enter information for each category.

Once you reach the Medications Segment you will notice a bright blue button labeled "Show Medications". 

By clicking this button, you will be presented with the "Medications" pop-up. From here you may add, edit, or remove medications that have been prescribed or taken by the patient. whenever you are finished viewing the patient's medication list simply click "Close"

As you work through the section your progress will be auto-saved for your convenience. Whenever you are finished with your notes go ahead and mark the section as completed and click "Save".

Once the Non Face-to-Face section is completed the Next section will appear at the bottom of the screen. 

If you wish to begin the walk-through of the next section click here.

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