First, you will want to navigate to the Patient's View Page by entering the patient's first name, last name, or EHR ID in the search bar on your dashboard. 

Once the search results appear, select the patient's name, EHR ID, or the "View" button under the Actions column to open the patient view page. 

Once on the patient view page, select the "TCM" tab and click "View" under the actions column to bring up the patient's TCM Page.

Scheduling Face-to-Face Visit:

ThoroughCare provides helpful tools to record the required TCM visit from the patient's TCM page. You Simply have to click the " + Add " button located next to the "Schedule for" in the communication box.

Once clicked, the " + Add " will be replaced with a date box and a calendar. From here, you may either enter the date manually or choose it from the calendar.

Note: The days you are allowed to schedule will be restricted to seven or fourteen calendar days post-discharge (this is determined by the level of decision making involved around the patient).

The " + Add " button will then be replaced with the time and date of the scheduled appointment.

Completing Face-to-Face Requirement:

Upon completing the patient's Face-to-Face visit, click the "To Do" button located next to the "Face-to-Face / Finalize" requirement.

The Face-to-Face requirement will appear at the bottom of the page.

Within the first side of the Face-to-Face section you will need to enter:

  • The date of the Face-to-Face visit

  • The location in which the Face-to-Face took place

  • Confirmation of medication being reviewed

  • Any notes related to the patient's medication or change in medication

  • The summary of provider recommendations 

Within the second side of the Face-to-Face section you will need to:

  • Document any other notes from the Face-to-Face visit 

  • Confirm that the patient qualifies for TCM  services 

  • Confirm that the Billing code is correct

  • Confirm the date of service you wish to use

  • List the Billing provider

Once you have the Face-to-Face visit documented, you may want to download a PDF copy of the patient's TCM. To do this, click the yellow "Print TCM Summary Report" button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

The download will appear at the bottom of your browser. Click to open the document.

You now should be ready to finalize the patient's TCM! Click "Finalize and Bill" to complete the patient's TCM.

If the TCM was finalized successfully you will receive a pop-up notice that reads "The TCM for this Patient was completed successfully".

Note: The TCM status on the Patient View Page will appear as  "Finished Claim hold period". Though you have finished the office work involved in completing the TCM you must wait the full 30 calendar days after discharge before TCM can be billed. 

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