Recently, our ThoroughCare team has been working on a new feature to be added to the Patient View Page. This feature, if enabled, adds a "Documents" tab on the Patient View Page to allow users to upload and store patient documents. Maybe your patient gave written consent to participate in CCM, or perhaps you need to upload a discharge summary of a previous hospital visit. Care managers now have the ability to upload and store these and more under the "Documents" tab! If you wish to have this feature enabled, let us know!

Documents Tab Walk-Through:

First you will want to navigate to your Patient's View Page by entering the patient's first name, last name, or EHR ID in the search bar on your ThoroughCare dashboard. 

Form here you will want to select the patient's EHR ID, Name, or "View" button to be taken to the Patient View Page.

Once on the Patient View Page, you will need to select the "Documents" tab shown below.
Note: This tab will only be visible if a ThoroughCare team member has enabled the Documents tab on your practice's site.

Uploading a New Document

In order to upload a new document select the green "Upload File" button located to the far right side of the Documents Tab.

A "Document Upload" pop-up will appear. Here you will be asked to select a file to upload (from your computer) and provide a date for the document.
Note: Make sure the document has been saved as a PDF so it is able to be uploaded.

Next you will need to select the "Type" of document you are uploading for the patient. Here are your options:

  • Consent Document - CCM

  • Consent Document - BHI

  • Consent Document - RPM

  • Clinical Note

  • Discharge Summary

  • EHR Chart Notes

  • EHR Patient Summary

  • Health Risk Assessment

  • Preventative Medicine Assessment

  • PMA Session Note

  • Enrollment Session Note

  • Other

If you happen to use the "Other" type you will notice a text box which will appear underneath the drop down list. Here, you will enter the description of the document you are including in the upload.

Once you have your file chosen, document date added, and document type selected click  the "Upload" button.

Upon upload, the patient's documents will then appear under the "Documents" tab under the document type you specified in the previous pop-up.

If you are interested in adding this feature to your site let us know over chat! You can chat with a ThoroughCare professional at anytime by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen.

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