Starting the first of the New Year, Medicare is offering a new CCM CPT code, 99439, for 40+ minutes of "non-face-to-face" clinical staff time applied to a patient in a given month. Our ThoroughCare team is especially excited about this addition because, unlike CPT codes 99487 and 99489, 99439 does not require a patient's chronic care management to be "complex". In other words, a provider can now further time spent on any given patient while also being correctly reimbursed!

How Many Times can This Code be Used?

When billed together, CPT code 99439 adds an additional 20 minutes to the billing code 99490 (CPT code for 20 minutes of clinical "non-face-to-face" time). In a single month, 99439 can be billed a total of two times on top of code 99490. Now, a care manager can spend up to 60 minutes on a patient without the worry of the patient having to be "complex" in order for their time spent, to be billable.

 How to see the New Code in Action:

To create a claim with the new code, a user must first log at least 40 minutes of CCM time. 

If a patient's minute goal set to 20 minutes, once a user attempts to log over 30 minutes they will be asked if they wish to change the minute goal. Select the goal that would best fit the patient and click "Save".

Once your patient has forty minutes of logged time for the month, navigate to the patient's "Billing" tab, located on the Patient View Page.

Under the "Type" column you will see CPT codes 99490 and 99439. In order to be reimbursed for 40 minutes of chronic care management, the claim must contain these two codes.

If the patient was given 60 minutes of clinical staff time in a calendar month, the claim should read CPT codes 99490 with two counts of 99439 (Shown below).

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