Starting with the New Year, Medicare is offering a new CPT code, 99458, which allows providers  to receive reimbursement for 40 minutes of Remote Patient Monitoring provided by a clinical resource within a calendar month.  In the past, Medicare only allowed billing for 20 minutes of RPM time, this has been lengthened to allow reimbursement for more "in depth" monitoring of patient numbers.  

How is the Code Used?

When billing, a claim must contain 99458 (Additional 20 minutes of Remote patient Monitoring) alongside code 99457 (20 minutes of Remote Patient Monitoring) in order to add up to a total 40 minutes billable RPM time. This new code can be used a total of one time. In other words, it can not be billed multiple times in a calendar month for a single patient.

Seeing the New Code in Action:

In order to use the new code you must navigate to a patient's RPM page and log a total of 40 minutes of RPM time. 

Once forty minutes has been logged into a patient's RPM chart, navigate to the patient view page and select the "Billing" tab. Under the "Ready to bill" filter the new RPM claim should appear (Picture of example claim shown below). 

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