If you provide RPM devices to many patients, it can be difficult to manage your inventory and device assignments.

There is a new "RPM Devices" report that will help with this.

From the Reports / Other Reports menu, click the button for "RPM Devices".
(Note:  only customer or practice admins can access this report)

 A CSV File will be created that lists:

  • Patient EHR ID

  • Patient Full Name

  • Device Type

  • Device Name

  • Device Serial Number/ID

  • Date Activated

Here's a sample of the CSV output:

Tip:  If the device Serial number is long, it may truncate the formatting in Column Elike this: 8.68998E+14  

You'll still be able to see the full number by clicking in that cell.

Or even better... Format Column E as a NUMBER with 0 decimal places:

The Serial Number will now appear correct:

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