Once a patient agrees to participate in the CCM program, you can enroll them in ThoroughCare's CCM module.

Enrolling a Patient in CCM From the Patient View Page:

On the ThoroughCare Dashboard, search for the target patient that is to be enrolled by selecting the search bar at the top of the page. Users can search by patient First Name, Last Name, or EHR ID number.

If the patient doesn't already exist in ThoroughCare, you must Create a New Patient before you can enroll them. Find out how to Create a New Patient here

On the Patient Search Results screen, select the target patient by clicking their name, EHR ID, or "View" button under the "Actions" column.

From the Patient View Page, select "CCM" located under the patient's "Programs" tab. From here, click "Not Enrolled" or the "Inactive" button to begin the CCM enrollment process.

Enrolling a Patient in CCM From the CCM Worklist:

Navigate to the worklist and filter the results to show a "Not Enrolled" as CCM status. Begin by clicking the "Filters" button to access the Worklist Filters. While on the Worklist Filters, proceed by selecting "Not Enrolled" under the CCM Status dropdown and click apply.

Users can begin the enrollment process by simply clicking the "Enroll" button under the "Actions" column for the patient you wish to enroll.

Beginning Enrollment:

Once a user begins enrollment, a "CCM Enrollment Status" pop-up screen will appear. Click on the drop down list labeled "Change enrollment status to".

Since we are enrolling a patient in CCM make sure to select "Active" from the drop down box. 

Note: You can also mark patients as Inactive (Declined) from this drop down list. Click here for instructions on how to inactivate a CCM Patient/Candidate

Once a user chooses "Active", the pop-up will prompt a short 5 question consent form that the Care Manager must go over with the patient in order to give consent to CCM services. Click on the box next to the item to mark that the patient understands.

Note: If a box is not checked and you click Change Status, the system will ask you to make sure all boxes are checked before proceeding.

Mark that consent was obtained either with Verbal or Written consent, specify who obtained consent, select the start date, and a note to the "Note" box if needed. 

When finished, click "Save" to complete the enrollment process.

Viewing Enrollment Status:

Now, navigate to the Patient View page. As before, select the "Programs" tab then the "CCM" option.

Note: You will see the date of enrollment listed under "Enroll Date".

In addition to the Enrollment date, users are able to see the current enrollment status under "Enrollment Status".

Note: You may also click on "Enrollment Status" to view the CCM Enrollment Status.

You can create a PDF or Paper report of the Patient's CCM Consent in the Patient's CCM Management Page. For our article on creating Patient Reports click here.

For more information on enrolling patients in CCM, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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