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Enrolling a Patient in CCM From the CCM Worklist

Beginning Enrollment

Viewing an Enrollment Status

Once a patient agrees to participate in the CCM program, you can enroll them in ThoroughCare's CCM module.

Enrolling a Patient in CCM From the Patient View Page:

On the ThoroughCare Dashboard, search for the target patient that is to be enrolled by selecting the search bar at the top of the page. Users can search by patient First Name, Last Name, or EHR ID number.

If the patient doesn't already exist in ThoroughCare, you must Create a New Patient before you can enroll them. Find out how to Create a New Patient here

On the Patient Search Results screen, select the target patient by clicking their name, EHR ID, or "View" button under the "Actions" column.

From the Patient View Page, select "CCM" located under the patient's "Programs" tab. From here, click "Not Enrolled" or the "Inactive" button to begin the CCM enrollment process.

Enrolling a Patient in CCM From the CCM Worklist:

A patient can also be enrolled in the CCM program from the CCM worklist. To do this one must navigate to the CCM "Not Enrolled" worklist.

Note: A user can access the "Not Enrolled" CCM worklist by clicking the number located underneath "Not Enrolled" on the ThoroughCare dashboard.

Users can begin the enrollment process by clicking the "Enroll" button located under the "Actions" column to the far right of the patient record (as shown below).

Beginning Enrollment:

Once a user begins enrollment, a "CCM Enrollment Status" pop-up screen will appear. Click on the drop down list labeled "Change enrollment status to".

Since we are enrolling a patient in CCM make sure to select "Active" from the drop down box. 

Note: You can also mark patients as Inactive (Declined) from this drop down list. Click here for instructions on how to inactivate a CCM Patient/Candidate

Notice that after a user selects the "Active" status from the dropdown, additional enrollment documentation will immediately appear below the "Change Enrollment Status to" dropdown.

First a user should go over and check off the items located underneath "Patients must consent and agree to the following". Click within the checkboxes to mark that the patient consents to that particular enrollment item.

Note: It is expected that the Care Manager/User that is completing enrollment for a new patient, has gone over all of the listed checklist items with the patient during or prior to completing the new enrollment.

Once all consent items have been checked off, the Care Manager can then mark whether the patient's consent was "Verbal" or "Written". Click within the target "Consent Method?" bubble to select.

Next, the user is to document whom the enrollment status is being "Updated by". Click within the "Updated by" dropdown to select the corresponding Care Manager who is completing the enrollment.

Once the Dropdown list appears scroll or begin typing to locate the Care Manager that is to be selected. When found, click to select the target user.

Now, select the date in which the patient consented to the CCM program. Click within the "Start Date" field as shown in the screenshot below to select a different date.

Note: The start date will automatically populate as the current day's date. No future dates can chosen as the "Start Date".

Once a user clicks within the "Start Date" box a small clickable calendar should appear. Click to select the day in which the patient consented to receive CCM services.

Click within the "Note" text box and begin typing to add any additional comments relating to the patient's change in status.

The final part of the enrollment page asks whether or not the patient in "Billable". If the patient will be billed for the CCM program leave the check box checked. If the patient will not be billed for services they receive, click to deselect the "Patient is Billable" checkbox.

Note: By checking this checkbox no claims will be created for this patient, even if they fulfill the time log requirements to be billable for CCM.

When the "Enrollment Status" pop-up has been completed, and the patient's change in status has been correctly documented click the "Save" button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Viewing an Enrollment Status:

Now, navigate to the Patient View page. As before, select the "Programs" tab then the "CCM" option. You will see the date of enrollment listed under "Enroll Date".

In addition to the Enrollment date, users are able to see the current enrollment status under "Enrollment Status".

Note: You may also click on "Enrollment Status" to view the CCM Enrollment Status.

Note: If a user ever needs a printout of the patient's enrollment, one can create a PDF or Paper report of the Patient's CCM Consent in the Patient's CCM Management Page. For our article on creating Patient Reports click here.

For more information on enrolling patients in CCM, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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