Occasionally, you may need to remove a patient from the CCM program. That's OK, it happens! Remember, that Medicare allows patients to "opt out" of CCM at any time. It's also possible that the patient isn't qualified anymore. There are many common reasons why you can inactivate a patient:

  • Patient no longer wishes to participate

  • Patient no longer has a Valid Medicare insurance

  • Patient doesn't have 2 or more Chronic Conditions anymore

  • Patient is no longer a patient or has passed away

Begin by Editing the Patient's Program Status:

A user can inactivate a patient at any time by clicking the patient's "Status" button located underneath the "Actions" column on the CCM worklist.

A user may also inactivate a patient by navigating to that patient's view page under "CCM" within the "Programs" tab. Select "Active" under the "Enrollment Status" column to begin inactivating the patient.

Documenting the Change in Status:

Once clicked a "CCM Enrollment Status" pop-up will appear. This will prompt you to change the enrollment status by clicking the "Change Enrollment Status to" drop-down.

From here, select the best CCM status to change the patient to. For this example we are changing the status to "Graduated from Program".

Note: Make sure to choose the status that best suites the reasoning behind the patient terminating their CCM services.

Once the enrollment status is chosen, more fields will appear below. Make sure to complete:

  • Which Care Manager updated the status

  • The date in which the Patient Terminated CCM services

  • A note for any additional documentation (optional)

  • Check the checkbox at the bottom of pop-up if all future calls should be deleted (optional)

When finished, make sure to click the "Save" button to complete the status change. If a user leaves the pop-up without clicking save the change will not be completed.

Now on the patient view page a user should be able to see the patient "enrollment Status" changed from "Active" to "Revoked".

Note: If the patient changes their mind and needs to be "re-activated" into the program, a user does have the ability to change an Inactive status back to Active.

Note: Per Medicare, if you already reached the 20 minutes before the patient cancelled, you can still bill Medicare for that month.

For more information on inactivating a patient, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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