Medicare requires that the patient's care plan be made available to the patient and the care team 24/7. Medicare also requires that the BHI and CCM summary and care plans be shared with the patient's other providers electronically. ThoroughCare makes both of these tasks simple!

For demonstration purposes, a fake CCM patient was used; however, the same steps apply when making a BHI or RPM summary for a patient.

Patient Care Plan Summary:

Navigate to the patient's program management page. Under the time logger, a user will see a "Print/ Preview" button. Click this button to bring up the "Select Report Details" pop-up. This pop-up will allow the user to choose what the report will include.

Once the "Select Report Details" pop-up appears, begin selecting the details the report is meant to contain. The first two things the user must specify for the report would be if it is to include the care plan and if action items should be added. Check the check boxes next to the program that should be included.

Note: The programs that the patient participates in will determine the options that are available. For example, if the patient does not participate in RPM a user will not see options to include RPM data.

If a user checks a check box under "Include Action Items" then another small checkbox will appear asking if the user wishes to "Include provider-only" notes. check this box to include the provider-only facing notes.

The next three sections focus on Consent, Updates, and Time logs. If a user would like to include any of these, simply click the program checkbox underneath the data type that should be included in the report.

If the user needs to include device notes or readings, check the corresponding checkbox to include this data in the report.

Finally, if the report details should focus on a particular date range users can select this by clicking the date box at the bottom of the pop-up. Two calendars will appear which allows a user to select dates that should be included in the report. Once the dates that the report should contain are selected click the "Apply" button.

When the report is ready to be generated, select either "Open Preview" or "Download PDF". The "Open Preview" button will automatically open a preview window in chrome for the user to view the created report. If "Download PDF" is clicked ThoroughCare will be created shortly.

Once the report is created click the green confirmation message to download the PDF report.

Below is an example of our Care Plan Summary Report:

For more information on creating care plan summaries, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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