A vital part of CMS programs focuses on documenting the time a Care Manager has spent on a patient in a given month. To do this, ThoroughCare offers a handy tool called a "Time Logger". In this article we will cover the different features our time logger offers along with how a user can facilitate these features to properly document program time.

Navigating to the Patient's Program Page:

Find the target patient by using the search bar at the top of your ThoroughCare dashboard. Enter patient First Name, Last Name, or EHR ID.   

Navigate to the patient view page by selecting the target patient's Name, EHR ID, or by clicking the "View" button located underneath the "Actions" column .

On the patient view page, select the "Programs" tab and make sure to specify the program. For this example we will be choosing the "CCM" program. From here, click the blue "CCM" button listed under the "Manage CCM".

Note: You can also navigate to a patient's time logger/program management page by clicking the program button located under the "Actions" column on the Program Worklist.

A patient's CCM program page is modeled below, Notice the red highlighted area to the right of the screenshot, this is ThoroughCare's time logger

Time Logger Features:

  1. Task Timer - The time of the current task you are logging. This can be used as a stopwatch or time can be manually entered. Click Start to begin the timer. Once started, you can pause, resume, or reset the Task Timer

  2. Drop-down list of Tasks - A list of tasks that your practice may do during non-face-to-face patient interactions to count towards the patient's total time

  3. Drop-down list of Providers and Care Managers - Choose the correct Care Manager or Physician that is completing the task

  4. Calendar - Choose the date the task took place. The calendar defaults to today's date, but a user can be change the calendar to reflect a past date to, when backlogging tasks.

  5. Patient's Goal Time - The default CCM goal time is 20 minutes but can be changed to 60 or 90+ minutes by clicking the number listed to the right of the "Goal".

  6. Total Time - The total time spent on non-face-to-face interactions in a given month. The time will will automatically update to include time logged for different tasks.

  7. View Log - Will show the current month's time log with a complete list of tasks, who completed the task, the date, and time spent on the task

  8. Log Time - Click this button to log the chosen time in the Task Timer. The logged time will automatically be logged toward the "Total Time".

Using the Time Logger:

To begin, lets first take a look at the "Task Type" drop down. Specifying the type of task you are logging is important for documentation purposes. ThoroughCare offers many task types, some common task types are Daily Chart Review, Telephone Call with Patient, and Email to Patient. Make sure whichever option you choose best represents the time the user has given towards the patient's Chronic Care Management.

In addition, make sure to double check that "Performed By" and "Performed on" are accurate to by who and when the task had been completed.

Note: If a user would like to log a task they completed the other day, "Performed on" should reflect the date the task was completed on, not the current date.

Now we can move onto logging time! If you would like active timer to track the amount of time you are spending on a given patient click the green "Start" button.

Users can pause or reset the timer at any point by using the orange "Pause" button or the red "Reset" button.

Note: If you start the timer and leave the patient's program management page the timer will continue running until you return back to stop it.

If you happen to not be able to use the active timer you can also set the timer manually. Click the "00"s under "Min" or "Sec" to be given a drop down selection of minutes or seconds. Select the amount that best reflects the time spent on the patient.

Once you have finished choosing the amount of time you would like to log click the "Log Time" button.

If the time was successfully logged you will get a small notification in the upper right hand corner of your screen that the time has been logged.

The time logged will now be reflected in the "Logged this Month" box.

If a user would like to view the individual logs for the month simply click the "View Logs" button as shown below.

By clicking this, the user will be taken directly to the "Monthly Updates" tab under "Time Logs" as shown in the screenshot below. Here, the user can view, edit, or delete time logged for the patient within the given calendar month.

If you would need to edit a time logged simply click the "Edit" button located next to the log you would like to change. Make sure to save your changes to the log before moving from the page or your changes will not be finalized.

If you would need a report to be generated of the time logs click the "Report" button. It will automatically generate on-click.

If a user needs to view a previous month's time logs, they would click the arrows provided in the upper right hand corner of the screen to toggle to and from past months time logs.

For more information on the program time logger, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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