Before you begin a patient's AWV, you must first navigate to the patient's AWV tab on their patient view page. Start by searching for the patient from the dashboard by First Name, Last Name or Patient EHR ID. 

To Navigate to the Patient View Page click the patients EHR ID, Name, or "View" under the Actions column.

Update Past AWV Dates and Medicare ID:

On the Patient View Page, click the "AWV" program option underneath the "Programs" tab to bring up the patient's AWV status.

If the patient has not had a Medicare ID or previous AWV dates added to there chart, now is the time to add it. Click the "Edit/ Choose Dates" to update the patient.

When clicked, a "Confirm Exam Type" pop-up will appear. If you would like to know about exam types read through the pop-up for a brief explanation of the different AWV exams available. When finished click "Continue to Date".

Notice that text boxes will appear next to the options listed in the "Medicare Information" section. click the boxes to edit the Medicare ID or AWV dates.

Note: an updated Medicare ID is needed to check the patient's eligibility for an AWV

When finished updating the patient's Medicare Information make sure to click the "save" button to verify the changes to the patient's information.

Once a Medicare ID is saved, the patient's eligibility should instantly be checked. If a green box appears verifying that the patient is ready for their AWV click the "Open AWV Page" button to begin the AWV.

Note: If the patient receives an error message not allowing the patient to begin the exam make sure to check that the Medicare ID is up-to-date and any import patient information such as name, birthday, and provider are correct to the patient's Medicare information.

Beginning an AWV Exam Without Entering Dates or Medicare ID:

When a user clicks "Edit/ Choose Dates", they'll receive a pop up box asking them to "Confirm Exam Type". Click the "Skip entering dates and begin exam now" drop-down.

Note: This feature must be enabled in order for users to skip adding a patient's Medicare information. If you would like to have the ability to bypass eligibility, talk with a ThoroughCare team member about getting it enabled on your site now!

Next, choose the correct exam type from the list provided. In this example we will be choosing the Initial AWV.

Once the exam type is chosen click the "Start IAWV exam" button to open the AWV.

AWV Exam Page:

Once the AWV is started the user will be taken directly to the AWV exam page. An exam example is shown below.

Note: the first part of the AWV that a user will complete with a patient would be the "Patient Questionnaire" or "Health Risk Assessment" (HRA). Click here to navigate a help article for completing the AWV questionnaire.

For more information on beginning an AWV, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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