Begin by Navigating the Patient's AWV Exam Page:

Search for the patient in the dashboard by First Name, Last Name or Patient EHR ID. 

To navigate to the Patient Care Page select the patient's name, EHR ID, or click "View" located under the "Actions" column.

Once on the Patient View Page click the "AWV" option located under the patient "Programs" tab to navigate to patient's AWV landing page.

From here, users should be able to click the green "Open AWV Page" button that should be visible under the "Current Annual Wellness Visit" section.

Note: If you do not see this option your patient may not be set up for AWV. Here is an article on getting a patient started in AWV.

Completing the Patient Questionnaire:

Once clicked, the user will automatically be taken to the AWV Exam Page. Notice that the "checklist" in the center of the page. These are the different sections that make up the AWV exam. Once a section is completed, a green checkmark will appear in the bubble above the completed section.

At the bottom of the page a clinical reviewer may notice various ways for a patient to complete their questionnaire:

Send Email to Patient
Begin Patient Mode Assessment (On a tablet)
Begin Clinician-Guided Assessment

Note: For this example we will be using the Clinician-guided Assessment which is the most popular option.

If the Patient does not have a provider added to their chart, the user will be asked to add one now. If the provider is already updated the assessment will automatically begin.

Chose a provider by clicking and selecting the providers name from the drop-down box.

Note: Once a care manager has begun a clinician guided assessment with a patient, they may find that they would like to send the assessment to a patient instead. ThoroughCare now has the ability to send or "re-send" the patient assessment via the "Send to Patient" button located at the bottom of the AWV exam page.

Once the AWV Risk Assessment begins, users will be brought to the page that is shown below. Here are some helpful tips on navigating the AWV Risk Assessment screen.

Note: reference the screenshot below for location of the numbered items.

  1. Assessment Sections - The section the user is currently working on will be highlighted. There is a progress bar within the section. Once a section is completed, a green check mark will appear over the progress bar. At any time during the interview, users can go back to a completed section by simply clicking the section they wish to return to.

  2. Questions - The questions allow a smooth guided interview with the patients. It's as simple as reading the questions right to the patient! The questions are tailored to the chronic conditions identified by the patient. Users can always go back to a question by clicking Previous Question

  3. Answers - You can either click the text or box to choose an answer or if the question calls for a text, you can simply type in the answer. If the question is not applicable to the patient, you can click the Not Applicable answer.

  4. Progress Bar - This lets the user know how far they are in the interview

  5. Finish Later - If at any time you need to pause or complete the interview, you can click finish later. When you continue the patient's interview, you'll pick up at the same spot you left the interview.

  6. Patient Mode - This button will log the user out of ThoroughCare and will switch to a screen where the patient can be allowed to finish the AWV on their own. This is only helpful if the patient is in from of the user and can have access to the user's computer or tablet.

  7. Return To Dashboard - By clicking the ThoroughCare logo or home button, you can return to your dashboard. This can be done at any time during the interview. When you continue the patient's interview, you'll pick up at the same spot you left the interview.

Finalizing the AWV Assessment:

Once the user has completed all the questions within the AWV they will be notified by ThoroughCare that the assessment is completed and that they should click the "Finish" button to finalize the assessment.

Note: if the user would like to look through their answers they should click the "Review Answers" button to be taken back to the patient assessment.

If a user needs to finalize the assessment before all the questions are completed, they can do so by clicking the "Finalize" button located below the listed assessment sections.

Note: This button will appear once a user selects at least one answer within the AWV assessment.

Once the assessment is finalized, notice that the "Patient Questionnaire" bubble will have a green checkmark inside it. Now that this section is completed the user can navigate to the next part of the AWV labeled "Office Tests". Click here to jump to the "Office Tests" walkthrough article.

For more information on the AWV health risk assessment, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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