AWV Worklist:

First, begin by navigating to the AWV worklist, users can do this by clicking the "AWV" menu option underneath the "Programs" tab or by clicking the "Annual Wellness Visit" title.

AWV Filter Options:

  • Clinical Reviewer: The Care Manager or Clinician that completed or started the most recent AWV.

  • Provider Reviewer: The provider that was assigned on the most recent AWV.

  • AWV Status: Choose to only show a particular AWV status such as "Available Now", "In Progress", and "Ready to Finalize".

  • Enrollment Date: Choose whether to show patients with known enrollment dates, unknown enrollment dates, or of course all patients.

  • Language: Select a particular language to have the worklist filter all patients that speak that particular language.

  • Flags: Filter patients by the flags that are assigned to them.

Adding a New Patient:

If a user wishes to create a new patient this can be done by clicking the " + New Patient " button located in the upper right hand corner of the worklist.

Choose Record Length for the Page:

Click the drop down arrow next to "Show" to choose how many patient records are visible on the worklist. Users have the option to see 10, 25, 15, or 100 patients per page.

Column Visibility:

Choose which columns are visible on the worklist. Click the drop-down labeled "Column Visibility" and then deselect/select the columns that the user wishes to have visible.

Note: The blue options are what is visible, the white options are not.

Creating a CSV or PDF Worklist Report:

Before creating a report, a user must select the records they wish to include in the report. Click the checkbox at the top of the selection column to select all records or deselect all records. If a user wishes to select individual patient records, just select the checkbox to the left of the patient's EHR ID.

Once the correct patients are selected click he "CSV" or "PDF" button.

Mass Flag:

If a user wishes to flag multiple patients this button will be used. To learn how to mass flag feature click here.

If the user needs to search to find a particular patient they can use the search bar to the right of the page underneath the " + New Patient " button.

Under the "Action" column, click the patient's "View" button to be taken to the patient's AWV program tab on the patient view page.

For more information on using the AWV worklist, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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