Search for the target patient by using the search bar at the top of your ThoroughCare dashboard. Enter patient First Name, Last Name, or EHR ID.

Once the search page loads, click the target patient's Name, EHR ID, or the "view" button located underneath the "Actions" column.

Before integrating a fitbit to a patients ThoroughCare chart make sure they have been previously enrolled in the program. For "RPM" under the "Programs" tab make sure the "Enrollment Status" is showing green for both "Monthly" and "Daily" readings.

Note: To learn how to enroll a patient in RPM click here.

Adding a fitbit Device:

If enrollment is completed, navigate to the patient's "Devices" tab.

Now, you are able to add the fitbit device, click "Add a Device" to proceed.

This will bring up an "Add a New Device" pop-up. Notice there are two fields offered in order to add a device.

Note: Adding a fitbit does not require a "Device ID" so once the fitbit device option is selected the "Device ID" will disappear.

Click the "Device Type" drop-down.

Select the "Fitbit" option from the list of devices that are shown.

Once the "Device Type" is selected click the "Save" button.

Login to fitbit Account:

By clicking "Save", ThoroughCare will automatically take the user to a new window which allows them to enter the patient's "Email" and "Password" for their fitbit device.

Note: If you have bought the fitbit Device for the patient, it may be easier for the user to create a username and password for the patient. This should be set-up prior to giving the device to the patient.

Note: If you need to create an account for the patient click the "Sign-up" button at the bottom of the screen and follow the onscreen prompts for setting up a fitbit account.

Once, the user has entered the patient's fitbit username and password they will be shown a "Patient Monitoring" page. Here the user consents to allowing ThoroughCare use the following numbers highlighted below.

Click the checkbox next to the data options that the patient would like to track. Click the box next to "Allow All" to allow all numbers listed to be tracked.

When finished select the "Allow" button in the bottom right hand corner.

If you were taken to a page similar to the one shown below you have successfully added the fitbit device!

Navigate back to the patient's "Devices" tab on the patient view page. Notice that the "Connected At" and "Last Measured At" show a "N/A". This just means the device has not connected yet. Give the fitbit 24 hours to connect before contacting support.

Note: Because fitbit transmits its data via Bluetooth the patient must have a device that can pick up a Bluetooth signal, such as a mobile phone. Have the patient log into their fitbit account from their device in order to transmit data.

Next, add the measurements that should be tracked in ThoroughCare. Click the "Enable Measurements" drop-down.

Begin typing or scroll to select the measurement to be added.

Once the proper measurements have been added, give the fitbit time to connect. Once it has connected there will be a date and time listed underneath the "Connected At" column.

To view the patient's readings click the "Readings" button located in the upper left hand corner of the "Devices" tab.

This will direct the user to the RPM page, scroll to the bottom to view the "Patient Numbers" tab.

Note: The "Patient Numbers" tab will show all recently recorded measurements since the device has been connected to ThoroughCare.

For more information on integrating a fitbit device, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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