One of the most popular features of the MyCareTC patient app is "Remote Vitals".

This technology allows for your patients to calculate several important vitals using only the camera on their phone/tablet and the MyCareTC app.

When the patient holds the device up to their face, the following vitals / measurements can be calculated.

  • Heart Rate / Pulse

  • Oxygen Saturation (O2sat)

  • Respiratory Rate

  • Blood Pressure (coming soon)

In order to use the app's Remote Vitals, this feature must be enabled on your ThoroughCare account. Please talk to your ThoroughCare account manager about adding this additional service for your patients.

Once Remote Vitals is enabled on your site, you can begin to assign it to patients.

  1. On the patients chart in ThoroughCare, click the DEVICE tab. Then click the Blue "Add Device" Button.

2. When the Device selection menu appears, scroll down to "Binah" and chose "Vital Signs Monitoring".

3. For the Device ID, enter the patient's Last Name and Date of Birth.

(example: smith05151943)

4. Once the device is added, you'll see the following. Click the box at the top to add "Enabled Measurements".

5. From the selection list, Choose one or more of the following measurments that can be tracked from the Remote Vitals App.

  • Blood Oxygen Saturation

  • Pulse

  • Respiratory Rate

  • Blood Pressure (*Note: Note currently available but you can add it)

6. That's it. Once you complete this last step, your patients will see "Monitor My Vitals" on the patient app. (if they haven't downloaded it yet, here's how)

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