Creating Batch Notifications:

To create a batch notification job, navigate to the “Batch Notification” option located under the “Management” menu item

Note: Only Admins have the ability to create Batch Notifications.

Once the “Batch Notification” page loads, notice the notification table highlighted in the screenshot below.

Note: This table will most likely be empty unless a Batch Notification has already been sent out.

If the user would like to create a new Batch Notification click the blue “ + Add New ” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Once the “Batch Notification” pop-up appears, notice the batch options.

First, choose a description for the Batch Notification. Click inside the text-box to begin typing.

Next, mark if the Batch Notification is “Enabled” to continue to send, or if it is “Disabled”. Since this is a new Batch Notification we are going to keep it “Enabled”.

Next, click the "Program" drop-down to choose which program patient group the batch notifications should should be sent to. (e.g. CCM, AWV)

Now, select the correct program from the drop-down.

Note: for this example we are sending a Batch notification to CCM enrolled patients, so in the screenshot below we chose the “CCM Enrollment” option.

Notice that once a selection is made, additional fields may appear. In this example, a user can choose to send the batch notification to a particular CCM status, and to a patient group of a particular number of conditions.

Click the “CCM Status” drop-down bar to select the enrollment status of patients that should be included in the Batch Notification. Then specify the minimum number of conditions a patient must have to be included in the Batch Notification.

Note: for this example we will be sending the notifications out to only “Enrolled” patients.

Next, choose the frequency of the batch notification. This can be either “Weekly” or “Monthly”, click the corresponding button to select.

Note: By selecting "Monthly" or "Weekly" you are specifying that the batch notification will be sent monthly or weekly.

Now, Select the “Time Since Last Notification”.

Note: This will prevent a patient from receiving too many of the same notifications. For example, the screenshot below shows that a patient can only receive this batch notification once every three weeks.

Finally, type the message that will be included in the notification. Click inside the provided text-box to begin typing.

Note: This field can only contain 450 characters.

Once the Batch Notification Options are selected per the parameters that the user needs, click the blue "Save" button, located at the bottom of the "Create New Batch Notification" pop-up.

Note: If a user clicks out of the notification pop-up, the progress will not be saved and all data entered will be lost.

Once created, notice the new Batch Notification appears as an entry on the "Batch Notifications" table.

Notice the "View" button located under the "Actions" column. If a user needs to edit or delete a batch notification click the "View" button.

If a user needs to delete a Batch Notification click the "delete" button located in the bottom right hand corner of the "Update Batch Notification" pop-up.

For more information on sending batch notifications, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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