New updates have been made to the patient Care Plan Report and Mass Care Plan Report, to give Care Managers more of a choice when selecting what to include in a patient report. Check out the article below to learn about these new features and how to utilize them when creating your next report!

Navigate to the Patient Program Page:

Once on the patient program page (e.g. CCM page shown below), click the blue "printer" icon underneath the time logger.

Note: You can also see these changes on the Mass Care Plan Report which can be found on any program worklist or the "Other Reports" page.

Select Report Details Pop-up:

By clicking the blue "Printer" icon, a "Select Report Details" pop-up should appear.

Note: Notice all the new reporting options added to the pop-up. There is now a whole second column of items Care Managers can choose to add or leave out of their care plan report.

The report automatically populates with the "Patient Centered Care Plan" option selected, along with all "Care Plan Sections" from "Goals Important to the Patient" to "Additional Care Plan Notes".

Note: CCM under "Include Conditions" is also checked because we are attempting to create this report from a patient's CCM page.

Quick Note!

The items listed under the "Care Plan Sections", highlighted in the screenshot above, correspond with the different listed notes sections under the "Care Plan Review" tab of the program page (shown in screenshot below).

If a user would like to de-select all of the pre-selected "Care Plan Sections" they can simply click the checkbox to the left of "Patient Centered Care Plan".

Additional Care Plan Notes:

Notice the sections not checked at the bottom of the "Care Plan Sections" list. Take a second to hover your mouse over these report options.

If the patient participates in the RPM program, a user will first see an "Additional RPM Updates" checkbox option. If you hover your mouse over this option, you will see that by checking this the report will include as follows:

  • Goals for monthly measurement

  • Average monthly measurement

  • Measurements out of range (alerts)

  • Provider notification of alerts (date and time)

  • Interventions (included those by physician and staff)

  • Patient education

  • Other RPM Notes

  • Patient Updates

Note: If your practice does not have the RPM program enabled this option will not be available.

Next, if one were to hover their mouse over the "New Conditions Notes" item, they would see that by selecting the "New Conditions Notes" checkbox their report will include:

  • New concerns identified by patients

  • Interventions to patient concerns

  • Patient Goals / to-do list for next 30 days

  • Care Team / to-do list for the nest 30 days

  • Other notes about this month's engagement

Finally, there is the "Other Notes" checkbox option. By selecting this, the report will include:

  • Other notes to appear on this month's Care Plan

  • Provider Monthly Review Notes

  • Appointment Notes

  • Time Logging notes

  • Treatment Notes / Recent Labs

  • Patient Updates

Include Care Plan Progress:

If a user would like to include the patient's care plan progress (e.g. goals and barriers), they can click the "Include Care Plan Progress" checkbox item.

Note: Notice that once clicked the "Goals", "Barriers", and "Interventions" options, underneath "Care Plan Progress" in the lower right hand corner of the pop-up, become selected.

Including the Provider Review Notes:

Quick Note!

The provider review notes is the notes section a user can view from the "Provider Review" tab on the patient's program management page (highlighted in screenshot below).

If a user would like to include these provider notes within the patient report they can simply select the "Provider review / Action Items".

Note: This does not include any "Provider-Only" notes.

Including Provider-Only (Non-Patient-Facing) Notes:

Quick Note!

The provider-only notes are located underneath the "Other Notes" tab located at the bottom of the patient's program page as shown in the screenshot below.

If a user would like to include the provider-only facing notes, they may select the "Include provider-only (non-patient-facing) notes" option highlighted below.

For more information on our updates made to patient reports, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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