ThoroughCare offers a feature to allow admins make changes to patient assignments based on care manager or physician. With the "Patient Assignments" page, admins can have control over which patients are assigned to which users. Continue reading through the following article to learn how use the patient assignments page.

Note: Only Practice and Customer Admins have access to the "Patient Assignments" page.

Navigate to the Patient Assignments Page:

To navigate to the patient assignments page, select the "Management" menu option, and click the "Patient Assignments" item as shown in the below screenshot.

Once on the "Patient Assignments" page, notice if there is an orange banner across the top of the page. This banner is letting the user know that there is an "x" amount of patients unassigned across the customer's practices.

If these patients should be assigned to an already created care manager click the "Assign" button.

Note: The selected "Role" on the "Patient Assignments" page dictates what position is being assigned for the patients within your practice. If a user would like to assign patients to Physicians they would have to switch the "Role" drop-down from "Care Manager" to "Physician".

Once the "Reassign Patients" pop-up appears, notice the different practices listed in the table.

The table should list all customer practices that have unassigned patients, along with a count of how many unassigned patients are on that site under the 2nd column shown.

If the user would like to assign patients in one of these practices, just click the blue "Assign" button to the right of the target practice.

Once clicked, a "Select to Reassign" drop-down will appear. Select this, to choose a Care Manager to assign the unassigned patients from that practice.

Scroll through the drop-down list until the target user is located, click to select the user. A pop-up should appear to confirm that you wish to proceed with reassigning the selected practice's patients, click the blue "OK" button to proceed.

If the patients are reassigned successfully, the user will receive a green confirmation message in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Note: It may take a few minutes for the change to be live in ThoroughCare, so don't worry if it's not showing in the patients' charts right away.

Notice the target practice on the "Reassign Patients to a New Clinician" pop-up, should now have a "0" under the second column of the table.

Patient Assignments Page:

Notice the top of the "Patient Assignments" page, there should be two filters, one for "Assignment Level" and a second for "Role".

Note: The "Role" can be chosen as Physician or a Care Manager. The "Assignment Level" can be chosen on a program or primary level.

Click the drop-down box underneath the "Assignment Level" to select which assignment level the user wishes to view.

Note: The assignment level will be determined by the programs the practice participates in.

Select the specific "Care Manager", that is to be assigned to the target practice/patients. Click to select.

If the "Role" needs changed, click to select the drop-down located underneath "Role".

Click to select the role that is to be assigned. For this example, we will be sticking with the "Care Manager" role.

Note: If the role is changed from "Care Manager" to "Physician" or vice versa, notice that the table should update to only list users that fall under that "Role" type.

If the user would like to search through the list of users they would have to click within the "Search:" bar and begin typing as shown below.

If a user would like to reassign a user's patients within a given practice click the blue "Assign" button to the far-right of the user's listed name.

Once clicked a "User's patients" pop-up will appear. Notice the different practices that are listed here, along with the count of the patients assigned from that practice under the second column in the table.

To re-assign a user's patients click the "Assign" button located under the "Actions" column.

A drop-down box will appear in place of the "Assign" button. Click the "Select to Reassign" box to select a user to assign the selected patients to one of the listed users.

Scroll through the provided user list, and select the user's name that is to have these patients assigned.

The browser should prompt the admin if they are sure they would like to completed the reassignment. Click the "OK" button to confirm these patients should be reassigned.

Once the reassignment is completed the "Primary" column of the shown pop-up should read "0", and the "Assign" button should no longer be visible.

For more information on the patient assignments page, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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