ThoroughCare has updated the enrollment feature to help care managers better track patient enrollment in the RPM program. This feature will replace the previous enrollment buttons for "Monthly" and "Weekly" monitoring of patient numbers. Continue through the following article to learn the new process users will take when enrolling a patient in the RPM program.

Enrolling a Patient in the RPM Program:

Navigate to a patient's view page underneath the "RPM" "Programs" tab, as shown in the screenshot below. Click the "Not Enrolled" status located below the "Enrollment Status" column.

Note: A patient can have a different status than "Not Enrolled", make sure your target patient has not already been previously enrolled.

A user can also begin/change a patient's enrollment status from clicking the "Enroll" button located on the worklist under the "Action" column to the far right of the patient's name (shown below).

Once clicked the RPM enrollment pop-up will appear.

Note: You may notice that the enrollment pop-up looks similar to the CCM or BHI enrollment form.

When you are ready to select an enrollment status, click the "Change enrollment status to:" drop-down to view the list of status options.

Click to select the target status from the list as shown in the screenshot below. In this example we will be choosing the "Active" status.

Note: The "Active" status should only be chosen if the patient has decided they would like to participate in the RPM program.

If an "Active" status is selected, a user should see an additional enrollment section appear below the "Change Enrollment status to".

To complete consent, go over the list of five checklist items with the patient. Click within one of the small checkboxes to mark that item as completed/discussed.

Note: Users cannot complete an "Active" consent without checking off each item on this checklist.

Once the checklist is completed, a user can move onto the next step of the enrollment process. Click to select the way the patient has consented to the program rules. Consent can be "Verbal" or "Written" depending on how the patient consented to the RPM program.

Note: Verbal or written consent can be obtained for the RPM program.

Next, select the care manager/user that is making the status change. Click the "Updated by" dropdown bar as shown below.

Scroll or begin typing a user's name to find their name within the list. Once the target user is visible click to select their name.

Now, one must select the "Start Date". To change the documented enrollment date click inside the provided "Start Date" box

Note: ThoroughCare automatically populates the current date in this field

A dropdown calendar should appear below the "Start Date". Click an individual date on the provided calendar to select.

Note: The patient's start date cannot be selected in the future so this must be selected before the patient begins the type of patient

Once the date has been added, the user has the ability to add an additional "Note" for documentation purposes. Click within the text box and begin typing to add a note.

Once the enrollment form has been completed, click the "Save" button in the bottom right of the enrollment status pop-up. Once

For more information on RPM enrollment, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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