ThoroughCare has added a new page to the management menu called "Time Categories". This feature will give admins the ability to create custom "Task" types for care managers to use when logging time. Read through the following article for a detailed walkthrough on how one can navigate the "Time Categories" page.

Navigating to the Time Categories Page:

Users can travel to the "Time Categories" page by clicking the "Time Categories" menu option listed under the "Management" tab on the left hand menu

Once on the "Time Categories" page, notice the "Time Log Categories" table.

Note: This table may be blank if no one on your particular site has added any categories.

Adding a New Time Log Category:

To create a new time log category, click the blue " + Add new time log category " button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Note: This pop-up is very similar to the "Add Flags" pop-up you receive when creating a new custom flag.

Click within the first text field, and begin typing to enter the title for the new time log category that is to be created.

Once the title is chosen, click the drop-down bar labeled "Select Product".

Note: When creating a new time log category admins must define the product type (example: CCO, CCM, or BHI). This means the created time log category will show up as a "Task Type" option as a log task description within that particular program's time logger.

Now, begin typing or click to select the target program the new time logger task is meant to appear for. In this example, we will be choosing to add this task type to the "CCO" program.

Once the program is chosen, one can save the new task type by clicking the "Save" button.

Once the task type has been created, it should automatically be added to the "Time Log Categories" table, as shown in the below screenshot.

Note: If the task type does not appear in the "Time Log Category" table, try refreshing the page. If it still does not appear, reach out to tech support, or attempt to create the task type a second time.

Time Log Category Table Explained:

If a customer has multiple practices/Thoroughcare sites, customer admins have the ability to copy the created task type to all practices. If the task type is copied from another site the "Actions" column should read " Copied from *Practice Name* ".

Note: Notice that a copied time log task must be changed/edited from site it was created under. If you try to edit a task type from a site it was copied to, the "Edit" button will not be clickable and will show as a lighter blue (as shown in the below screenshot)

If an admin would like to copy a task type to all customer sites, simply click the "Copy To All" button located under the "Actions" column to the right of the target task type.

In addition to copying task types, admins can also "Enable" or "Disable" a created task type. To disable/enable a task type click the corresponding "Enable" or "Disable", button as shown in the below screenshot.

Note: Disabling a task type category means it will not be shown in the "Task Type" section of the time logger.

Lastly, admins have the ability to "Edit" the program a task belongs to, or the displayed name of the category. Click the "Edit" button to edit the desired task type.

Note: The same pop-up will appear to edit the task type as was shown to create the task type.

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