While our Care plan is comprehensive, updates that are "typed into text boxes" can be difficult to track and monitor over time.  This requires more work for the care manager each month.  It also becomes difficult for practices to align goals with quality measures. To circumvent this, ThoroughCare has developed a Goals and Barriers section in the care plan to help motivate patients to work towards goals and move past barriers.

Goals and Barriers are managed within the Care Plan. To navigate to a patient's care plan, first travel to a patient program management page. For this example we will be using a patient's CCM page.

Once on the target patients program page, scroll down the page to view the program management tabs.

Make sure the "Care Plan Progress" tab is selected. As long as a care plan was completed, the user will see a list of Goals and Barriers that are custom to the patient's needs.

Editing Goals and Barriers:

Click the target Goal/Barrier to be able to edit or add an update to that particular item.

If the Goal/Barrier is outdated and the patient is no longer interested in working toward it, simply click the "Delete" button located underneath the title of the goal/barrier.

If a user would like to add an update to a goal/barrier begin by specifying the status change from "Pending" to whichever status suites the patient. Status options:

  • In Progress

  • Ongoing

  • Achieved

  • Closed

Click the drop-down arrow, under "Change Status" to view and then choose the new status option. It will default to "In Progress".

Once the status is selected, add a note to the "Add Notes" section to explain the reason for the status change.

Optionally, users can add a score on a 1-10 scale of how motivated the patient seems to attain this goal/barrier. Click one of the numbers listed to select the level of motivation the care manager is seeing from the patient.

Once the update is completed and correct, click the "Save" button to save the update to the care plan.

Notice that the update along with any notes added to the update will now be visible under the title of the goal/barrier.

Note: Once added, the "Pending" orange status on the goal/barrier will change, for an "In Progress" status the goal/barrier will now be blue.

If the User would need to delete or edit an incorrect status update simply click the date that the status update was made, and the information for the update will again appear underneath (shown below).

Select, delete to erase the status update.

Note: in order to erase goal/barrier that has status updates, you will first have to delete all updates prior to deleting the goal/barrier itself.We suggest marking it as "Closed" if the patient no longer wishes to pursue the goal/barrier.

For more information on the Care Plan Progress tab, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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