If a patient has recently been released from a hospital stay that qualifies them to participate in Transitional Care Management a user would first need to begin a "New Discharge" for the patient within ThoroughCare. This article will cover how a user is to go about beginning a new discharge from the patient view page.

To begin a new discharge, navigate to the search bar at the top of the Dashboard. Enter first name, last name, or EHR ID to filter your patients.

From the "Patient Search" results page, a user can open the view page by selecting the patient's Name, EHR ID, or by clicking "View" under the Actions column.

Upon reaching the patient view page select the "TCM" tab and click the "New Discharge" button.

Once "New Discharge" is clicked you will be taken to the New Discharge pop-up. From here you will need to verify that the patient is a candidate for TCM services, enter a the discharge date, specify where the patient was discharged from, list the reason why the patient was admitted, and specify the complexity of the decision making involved.

Note: If you are unsure of the level of decision making involved there is a helpful link to help you determine which level to choose for your patient.

Whenever you have finished make sure you click "Save".

Once "Save" is clicked the new TCM will begin.

Note: The TCM requirements must be completed by the deadlines given if TCM is to be billed.

You will be able to view a patient's status by navigating to the Patient View Page and selecting the "TCM" program tab. From here, a user will see the new discharge displayed in the TCM table, highlighted below. References this section if the user would like to check the status of the patient's TCM.

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