CCM Worklist Features:

You can use ThoroughCare's CCM Worklist to filter your patients in a number of ways.

1. CCM Features on the Dashboard

From the ThoroughCare Dashboard, click on the words "Chronic Care Management" or any number under the Chronic Care Management section (highlighted by the red box below) for pre-filtered options.

For example: If you click on the number located under "20-39 Mins", you'll be taken to a worklist which contains only patients who fall within 20-39 minutes of CCM time for the entire month thus far.

2. CCM Worklist Filter Options:

Once on the CCM Worklist, a user will be able to filter their patients by clicking the "Filters" button (Reflected in image below).

These Filters Include:

  • CCM Status

  • Enrollment Date

  • CCM Care Manager

  • CCM Physician

  • CCM Minutes

  • Provider Minutes

  • Department

  • Call Status

  • Flags

  • Conditions

  • Primary Insurance

  • Secondary Insurance

  • Risk Level

  • Language

Note: Not all of these filtering options may be enabled on your personalized ThoroughCare site. If you would like to add one of these filtering options to your worklist simply chat with a ThoroughCare expert through the chat window located at the bottom of every ThoroughCare screen.

Note: The CCM Status filter will automatically default to "Enrolled" upon selecting the CCM Worklist.

Note: You can also sort the CCM worklist columns from A-Z or numerically by clicking the column header.

3. Selecting Specific Patient Information:

At the user level, you can choose what columns are seen on your individual worklist by clicking the "Column Visibility" drop-down list and checking the columns you'd like to see. 

Note: The columns highlighted in blue are the columns that are shown in the worklist.

4. Exporting Results:

You also have the option to export selected patients from the filtered list with our "Export" feature. Begin by selecting patients to include in the report. Click the "Select All" check box to select all patients listed under the current filtered worklist.

Note: You can deselect all by clicking the same button.

If the report is only meant to contain certain patients, select the individuals which should be included by clicking their selection box to the far left of the patient record.

Note: Only the yellow highlighted patients will be included in the report.

Select either the "CSV" button or "PDF" button to export the results.

PDF Example:

5. Accessing Patient View Page: 

On the CCM Worklist a user has the ability to navigate to a patient's view page by simply clicking the patients name or EHR ID.

Patient View Page Example:

6. Creating a New Patient From the Worklist:

Moving back to our CCM Worklist, a user can create a new patient by clicking on the " + New Patient " button located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. For more information on creating a patient, please see our help article here.

7. CCM Management Page:

If you would like to navigate to the patient's CCM page directly from the worklist, click the "CCM" button located under the "Actions" column.

Patient CCM Page Example:

8. CCM Patient Status:

Users can change the patient's CCM Status (Inactivate a Patient) by clicking the "Status" button under the Actions Column.

By clicking "Status", you will bring up a pop up box which will allow you to change the CCM enrollment status. Click the drop down box in order to select a status.

From the list, choose whichever status applies to your patient.

Once a status is chosen, the user will see an "Updated by" field along with the date and an optional note as to why the patient is now being marked inactive. When finished click "Save", and that patient will now be marked inactive! 

Note: If you wish to see how to enroll a patient in CCM click HERE.

For more information on the CCM worklist, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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