Patient flagging is helpful tool that can be used to filter patients that fall under particular categories. Flags are customizable per practice, and can be created by a site's Customer Admin. If you would like to learn how to create custom flags click here.

Note: New flag feature highlighted in the "Filtering by Patient Flags" section of this article!

Adding Patient Flags:

Within any Worklist, make sure the Flags option is highlighted under the Select Columns drop-down list insure the user is showing patient flags.

Each patient's flags will be visible under the "Flags" column on the worklist. If you would like to assign a patient a flag, click the "Pencil" icon to add the patient's first flag, or select the colorful flags already populated for the patient.

When the "Edit Patient Flags" pop-up appears select the "Click to Add" drop-down.

Choose whichever flags you would like to add to the patient's chart.

Note: Users can add multiple flags at a time.

Once the patient's correct flags are chosen click the "Save" button.

Note: If you add a flag on accident you can delete it by clicking the small "X" next to the added flag.

The patient's updated flags will now be visible under the "Flags" column.

Filtering by Patient Flags:

You can filter patients' by their Flags in any Worklist. Simply click the Filters button and select Flags from the drop-down in the filter options.

Select the patient flag you wish to filter patients by.

Note: Only patients with that particular flag will be displayed in the search results.

Once the worklist is filtered by a flag or flags, users can then further specify their search by choosing to see patients with "All", "Not"/none, or "Any" of the flags selected.

Note: This feature is new to ThoroughCare and gives users more options when filtering patients by practice flags.

Click the small drop-down bar that appears to the right of the word "Modifier" under Flags in the Worklist Filters to view the new filtering options. Click to choose an option.

The "All" option will only show patients that are assigned all flags that are selected within the filter. Notice in the screenshot bellow, only patients with the red flag are shown.

The "Not" option will show only patients that have neither the green or yellow flag assigned to them.

Finally, the "Any" option will filter the worklist for patients with any of the flags listed.

Note: Within the worklist, if you hover over the patient Flag, you can see the name of the Flag.

Mass Flagging Patients:

Mass flagging is extremely handy when users need to flag multiple patients with the same flag(s). Begin mass flagging by selecting the patients that need to be flagged. Click the small square box to the right of the patient record to select that patient

Note: The Mass flagging feature must be enabled on your ThoroughCare site if you wish to be able to use mass flagging.

Once the patients that need flagged are selected click the "Mass Flag" button.

The mass flag pop-up will appear. Notice that the number of patients you have selected is reflected in parenthesis. click " Select an option" to choose the flag(s) to be added.

Select whichever flags need added. Click "Save" to complete the mass flagging.

Once clicked, ThoroughCare will notify the user that the job is in progress.

When completed the user will be able to see the new flags reflected under the patients' "Flags" column.

For more information on using patient flags, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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