If a patient is enrolled in BHI, it may be handy to completed a screening test for some of the most common mental health conditions patients tend to struggle with. A screening test is helpful when a provider wants to know on a scale how much a condition is affecting a patient's life. Keep reading to learn how to complete a screening test for a BHI patient.

Note: ThoroughCare's Screening test is not the same as a Care Plan, although it may look similar to a care plan assessment.

From the dashboard, select the search bar near the top of the screen and type the patient's First name, Last name, or EHR ID. Once the patient's name or EHR ID is typed click "Enter" on the keyboard to search.

Once the patient search page loads, select the patient EHR ID, Name, or "View" button to navigate to the Patient View Page.

Beginning the Screening Assessment:

Once on the patient view page navigate to the "Programs" tab and make sure the "BHI" button is selected.

Before beginning the assessment make sure the patient is already enrolled in the BHI program by checking the "Enroll Date" and "Enrollment Status" highlighted below. If the patient is not actively enrolled, the user will have to first enroll the patient prior to beginning a screening assessment. Click here to learn how to enroll a BHI patient.

When the user confirms the patient's enrollment click the "Start New Screening Assessment" in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

If the assessment begins and gives you a "Notice" pop-up simply click the "X" to close it.

Notice that the assessment page closely resembles the "Care Plan" assessment page. If the user needs to log time, the time logger is located at the top of the screen.

In order to begin a screening assessment the user must first choose the type of screening assessment to begin with the patient. The first question displayed on the assessment askes the user to choose an assessment to begin.

Choose the assessments that apply to the patient by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the listed assessment. Once all assessments are checked, click the "Next Question" button to proceed to the screenings.

Note: A patient can take multiple screenings in the same assessment.

Once the screening populates begin to answer the questions shown for the patient. Mark the answers of the questions by clicking the corresponding radio bubbles to select.

Once all questions on the page are answered, click the "Next Question" button at the bottom of the page.

Continue through all screening assessments until all questions are answered and ThoroughCare notifies you that the assessment is completed. Click "Finish" to complete.

After the screening has been finished the results of the screening assessment will automatically be populated under the "Screening Assessments" table.

In the example below, the user only completed an "Anxiety" screening so only this score will be populated. Judging on the patient's score a Care Manager can make recommendations to the patient in regards to managing conditions that are significantly effecting the patient's day-to-day life.

If the user needs a record of the screening assessment simply click the "Download PDF" button located underneath the "Actions" column of the table.

Once clicked the report should quickly be created. Click the green "Your report is ready" message that appears in the upper right hand corner of the user's ThoroughCare screen.

Google should then open a PDF screening file in another tab.

Note: the "Screening Assessments" page will show more than one assessment if the patient has completed multiple also if an assessment was started and not completed the "Actions" column will show a "Finish" button instead of a "Download PDF" button. Simply click this to proceed with the assessment.

For more information on screening assessments, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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