You can give your patient access to the MyCareTC app or patient portal.

  1. A Valid email address is required for each patient. If your patient does not have an email address listed in ThoroughCare, you'll need to add one first.

  2. Once an email address exists, go the PORTAL tab of the patients chart. Click the Green button that says: "Enable Portal Access".

3. Once you do that, you'll see an updated status that the invite is Pending. If the patient hasn't received the email, please ask them to check their Spam or Junk folders. You can click the "Re send invitation" button to send another invite email.

4. The patient will receive an email from "".

It will look like this below. Click the "Accept Invitation" button.

5. The patient will be taken to a screen to create a password. They will be required to enter their Date of Birth as an extra verification step. Click the "Set up My Password" button.

6. Before continuing, the patient will be asked to accept the "End User License Agreement". They will need to scroll through the entire agreement and click ACCEPT.

7. After that, the patient is now logged into the Portal. They can continue using the portal. But if they have a smart phone or tablet, we recommend that they download the app. The App is free to download. They will login with their email address and the password that they just created.

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