Release Notes

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New and Current ThoroughCare Updates

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Getting Started

Welcome to ThoroughCare - We'll help you get started

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Helpful Tools

ThoroughCare Tools that Make Managing Patients Easier

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Tips for using ThoroughCare's CCM module

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Tips for using ThoroughCare's BHI module

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Tips for Using ThoroughCare's AWV Module

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Tips for Using ThoroughCare's TCM Module

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Tips for Using ThoroughCare's RPM Module

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Tips for Using ThoroughCare's Analytic Reporting

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Group Functionality

Collection of Articles for ThoroughCare Admins with Group Functionality

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Billing & Claims

Tips on using ThoroughCare's Billing & Claims Module

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Tips on Using ThoroughCare and Athenahealth

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Patient App

Downloading and using the patient app

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Admin Only

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Comprehensive Care Coordination

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Azalea Health

How to utilize the ThoroughCare and Azalea Health integration

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How to utilize the ThoroughCare and AdvancedMD integration.

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