Have you ever sent a letter or email to a group of patients, or reviewed multiple patient charts at once? It can be a pain to log this time on a patient-by-patient basis. ThoroughCare allows for the ability to add program time to a selected group of enrolled patients from a program's worklist!

Note: Mass Time Logging CAN ONLY BE DONE BY ADMIN USERS. If you are not an admin within ThoroughCare, please contact your customer admin for more information.

How to Mass Log Time:

Begin by navigating to the the target programs worklist. For this example we will be using the CCM worklist, users can navigate here by clicking the "Chronic Care Management" title.

From here, complete any necessary filtering that needs to be done to reflect the group of target patients that will be included in the Mass Time Logging. To complete necessary filtering, navigate to the "Filters" button (see screenshot below), and select the appropriate filters.

To Mass Log Time, a user must then select the patients that will have the time added to their charts. If a user needs to select all records, click the small check box to the left of "Call Status".

Note: This will select all patients that are shown per your filtering results. Double check that your filtering settings are correct before logging time on all patients.

If a user wants to pick which patients they are logging time for instead of logging time for all, simply choose patients individually by clicking the small check box next to the patient record.

Double check the list to make sure only patients that are getting the mass time log are selected.

Note: If you are using the "Select All" checkbox you can check the amount of patients you will be logging time for at the bottom of the worklist.

When it is confirmed the correct patients are selected, click the "Mass Log Time" button located to the right of the "CSV" and "PDF" buttons.

This will bring up the Mass Log Time pop-up box. Begin by choosing the Task Type, the user who completed the Task, the estimated number of minutes to log, and date of logged time. If any further documentation is need the user can add extra notes in the "Detailed Description" text-box.

Note: The number of patients you've selected will be listed at the top in parentheses.

Once finished with the documentation click the "Save" button.

Note: Once you mass log time for these patients, you cannot mass undo time. If you'd like to undo time, you will have to manually delete the added time patient by patient.

Upon clicking save, a message should appear in the upper right hand corner, letting the user know that the time logs are being created for the number of patients that have been selected by the user.

Once the Mass Log is completed the user will be presented with a pop-up box with the number of patients that have had the time successfully logged in their charts. It also will inform the user of any issues that came up when attempting to log time. The example below, is letting the user know that claims have already been submitted for 2 of the 4 patients for this calendar month, so the time cannot be logged.

For more information on mass logging time, not discussed in this article, chat with a ThoroughCare professional by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of every ThoroughCare screen!

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